How a Young Nigerian Boy Generated Over N160,000 in 5 Days Selling on Facebook Using Emenike Emmanuel's Secret

We closed this week's sales right here on Facebook with a blast.
Last time, I did a video campaign with N400 that generated over 29k views and 442 shares and some people asked if it was possible to achieve that level of success selling a product.
I didn't go in details to respond to those questions because Fela Durotoye (the first Motivational Speaker whose words touched my life) taught me that, "Evidence nullifies argument." So instead of me to sit here trying to prove to you that it was possible, I thought it would be better to show you a tangible result (in all humility).
The images attached here are the results of the Facebook Ads I did for a young boy in his early 20s. The page had only 14 likes, 3 posts (all products for sale), zero impression and of course, ZERO sales.
But in a space of 5 days, I got 20 orders worth over N160,000 in pure profit for him. In the coming week, we will repeat the ads again (rinse and repeat a system that works) and I won't be shocked if he hits N300,000 this time.
(Once I'm set with what I'm planning, I will invite him over to share his story in a live show here, God willing, he would have become millionaire then).
Why am I telling you this?

There's money on Facebook but you just need enough social proof to start grabbing them left, right and centre.
If you still come to Facebook to do unproductive chat, gossip and waste your energy discussing the ills of this "Nebu" administration (because it's call SOCIAL MEDIA) while your bank account is not receiving grace, then you need to check it.
There's so much you can do on Facebook. It's either you are teaching, learning or selling. No matter what happens, don't be docile.
In the last few months I began to dig deep into Facebook Ads, I have been able to achieve tangible and verifiable results in the following niches: internet marketing, network marketing, fashion, health and agriculture.
Right now, I want to dare new industries like insurance, real estate, sports, entertainment and politics. Do you have a product in any of these industries? Let me know.
P.S. For now, I'm not teaching how to run a profitable Facebook Ads. But if you have a product to sell or a campaign to run for next week, send me a private message.