Crazy Things You Need To Know About Making Money Online

One of the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to make money online is to sell stuff.
It could be a product or a service. Outside this, everything else you are doing is a risk. A reckless one for that matter.
So pray with your two eyes open anytime you hear things like, "You don't need to sell anything... You don't need to buy anything... Just sign up and your money will start doubling."

Heya, are you father Christmas? Even father Christmas collect gate fee. So what are you talking about here?
Money flows in exchange of value. So if you have something valuable, something people are eager to have, something that will make them feel fulfilled, they will pay you to have it.
But the big question is, how do you know exactly what to sell that will guarantee you make lots of money in return?

I will explain that but let me tell you about something that happened within the week.
I rejected a couple of requests (precisely 3) within the week to run Facebook advertising for some folks who saw how well my FB Ads did last week.
I didn't reject that because I had no need of the money, at least I would have gotten an extra N50,000 from those deal....
But here's what happened.
Most of them burnt money, energy and creativity just to import or produce products that can be cheaply sourced or don't have definite value they have to offer.
Being the honest man I am, I told them point blank that the product won't pull through, so there was no need for us to waste our corporate energy on that. I rolled out some motivational pills so that they won't feel frustrated, gave suggestions and moved on.
Listen up, friends.
No amount of marketing or badass copy can help a mediocre offer. If you succeed in deceiving your customers with a mind blowing sales copy, they will hate you for life when they realize you sold lies to them.
So you better stop thinking that a groundbreaking copy will save your mediocre product or service. Go back and work on it until you are certain it's good for value exchange.
But hey, it doesn't have to take ages.
So let me give you a quick help on how to find the right product to sell.
~ Ask questions.
~ Put an eagle eye on some of the most trending ads on Facebook.
~ Take the bold step.
And success will be yours.

But before you get excited and jump off, read further…
If I got you excited to start an online business, read this before you dash out and get your fingers burnt. I probably may not remember to sympathize with you.
We are in a wiser world today. The era of blogging success using the Linda Ikeji model is gone. It's GONE and gone for life. Never again will you use that model and achieve any meaningful thing, either as a blogger or as a general online business owner.
So if you still have that mindset that online business success simply requires posting a few contents (articles, videos or podcasts) here and there, and money will start flowing, please, in the name of God, stop. You need to hear this before you get your fingers burnt.
Last week Saturday, I had the privilege of hosting 2 brothers who traveled all the way from Asaba to see me in Lagos because they wanted to start having their own share of the digital economy where you can be paid in dollar equivalent of what some folks in Nigeria receive as their 3 months salaries put together. ** I'm not exaggerating here, please. In this game, it's more work, more money. **
I never meant to discourage them but it seemed the idea of growing a successful online business was what they misunderstood.
Listen to this... Real and genuine internet business requires you to create CONTENTS. Your content is your communication tool with which you can convince prospects to stop by your digital store and patronize your business.
Check all the successful online business owners you know, they all have lots of convincing contents. And they give great value before they sell.
So if you think you will extract value from customers online without giving them anything in return, sorry for you. You probably may not last long in the game (it's not a curse o). Even e-commerce and cryptocurrency companies have lots of great contents to convince you to trade with them.
You don't have to create the contents yourself, just understand the model and hire freelancers to fix the rest.
I explained all of these things in details to these my wonderful friends but what left them paralyzed was the idea of giving people FREE contents that are packed up with great value. They had a great idea but it was bereft of customer-centred value.
Give value! Give value!! Give value!!!