Fast-Rising Comedians, MCs and Comperes in Aba

Are you organizing an event in Aba, Umuahia or anywhere in the Southeastern part of Nigeria and you are looking for a professional comedian, MC or compere to anchor it?

Are you tired of hiring the services of uncultured master of ceremonies who instead of contributing to the success of your event ends up annoying and embarrassing your guests, whose profiles they know nothing about?


Would you like to make the most of your once in a lifetime special occasion?

If you answered, yes to any or all these questions, then I can assure you that we still have very selected comedians and comperes in the city of Aba, Abia State that are well-trained and ready to deliver more than you can ever pay them. These people are not just another riffraff from the street, they are well schooled.

Why You Need To Hire These Comedians, MCs And Comperes In Aba

You see, nothing can be more embarrassing, humiliating and threatening like your MC insulting your mother in-law, your elder brother (you hold at high esteem) or your boss during your wedding. Honestly speaking, nothing can be more embarrassing than that. You can even lose your job as a result. O yes! It can be that serious.
So, it’s important that you take what we are about sharing with you seriously. These comedians, MCs and comperes are considered among the best in Aba, Enyimba city. Many politicians in Aba and Abia State in general have enjoyed their services over and over again.

As the festive period approaches, now is the best time to start booking their services because in a few weeks from now, they will become overbooked for events in different parts of Nigeria.
In no special order, here’s their profile.

Profiles Of Comedians, MCs And Comperes In Aba

Real Name: Chinedu Okoro
Stage Name: Klasikal
Academic Profile: Mechanical Engineering, FUTO
Specialty: Stand-up comedy and modeling

Real Name: Arisa Isaac
Stage Name: Weeping Pastor
Academic Profile: Accountancy, Abia State Polytechnic, Aba
Specialty: Situation comedy

Real Name: Sunny Emenike
Stage Name: Delicious

Real Name: Ukaku Uchechukwu
Stage Name: MC U2
Academic Profile: Public Administration, Abia State Polytechnic, Aba
Specialty: Professional MC and stand-up comedy. He’s the host of the annual Show, “Lords of the Mic.”

Real Name: Anazodo Udochukwu
Stage Name: Mic UD
Academic Profile: Business Administration, Covenant Polytechnic, Aba
Specialty: Stand-up and situation comedy.

Aba Made But Lagos Based
Real Name: Sunday Onyenachiya
Stage Name: Sunny Messiah
Academic Profile: Architecture, Federal Polytechnic, Nekede
Specialty: MC, Compere and Stand-up Comedy

Would you like to have the services of any of these awesome soul? Give us a call on 09026042098 and we will schedule a meet-up for you guys.
Together, we can restore the dignity of Aba.