2018 Social Media Prediction for Businesses in Nigeria

Listen, all ye e-commerce business owners.

In 2018, Facebook's upcoming feature that makes it easy for people (targeted and non-targeted audience) to view all ads running on your page is going to expose all those your hot selling products you don't want people to see.

NB: This feature is currently being tested in Canada but I'm sure it will go round before the first quarter of 2018 is gone.

Please, Nicole Moreau-Dalpee help me check what the feature looks like.

In this case, it will give copycats (no disrespect) the opportunity to see what product is trending so that they can start selling it too.

This will result to a high level of competition such that you will need a highly persuasive and really converting copy skill, influential brand support and large volume of ad budget for you to win or at least have a good ROAS.

So, I encourage you to learn, perfect or partner with any of these skills I mentioned above to make 2018 your own.

This prediction is only based on one evidence before me. I will be adding to it before the year runs out.

Get all your friends in any online business to see this.