Abomination: A Comedian In The House Of God

By: Solomon Ukeni John

I have been seriously thinking of how to start this article not because I have been tagged to be against the Christian faith but because I want things to change.

I have been accused of portraying disunity amongst the Christian faith to the world and making Islam look very easy and more palatable but I tend to differ on that.
I really want to know the relationship between the house of God which is the house of prayer and a comedy concert hall?
I have always known the house of God to be a house of prayer and it baffles me when so called comedians perform on the Altar..
During the Islamic uprising in 2006 an American drew the picture of Prophet Mohammed (MABHS) in a comic way and the whole world got a taste of it... From Syria to Yemen even to Nigeria.
And we have thousands of pictures of the fair Jesus Christ in circulation all over the world... Why can't Christians regulate the photo of our Savior?
How do we as Christians feel when they crack jokes about our belief and things we term to be sacred??
It's close to Christmas and we will get to crack jokes about Mary who was a virgin and married a carpenter and why can't a lady who's not a virgin marry a carpenter??
Or even Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ for some pieces of silver doesn't call for jokes but for sober reflection..
My good friend says and I quote 'peoples spirit should b uplifted using the word of God which has a lasting solution and not been pacified by comedy.' end of quote.
I'm not a religious fanatic but I feel Christians don't take their religion seriously because if they do they would put an end to this diabolic act.
Even Jesus Christ chased traders and gamblers out of the temple and said That 'His father's house is a house of prayer'.