How to Get 100 Twitter Followers in a Day in Nigeria

Today is the day we all have been waiting for. It's the day all participants in this 100 Twitter Followers Challenge that will enable all entrepreneurs in Nigeria to step up their game in terms of getting more Twitter followers.

This Twitter challenge takes place on Saturdays in our closed Facebook group, twice in a month.

Why You Need More Twitter Followers

~ More referral traffic to your blog/sales page.

~ Saves you money in paid advertising.

~ More chances of getting clients or customers as the case may be.

~ Once you become a celebrity, you will make more sales as a celeb than an expert.

~ You will have a chance to promote other people's products for a fee and still get it for free.

~ All expenses covered when you become a brand ambassador to a firm.

How To Achieve This Challenge Seamlessly

1. Create and optimize your Twitter account by filling all the details, especially name, profile picture and cover photo.

2. Use clean images, easy to remember handle and name.

3. Choose and focus on your niche. If you tweet everything that comes to your mind, you will not only lose traffic and followers, you won't also be able to convert any of them to paying client.

4. Drop your Twitter URL in the comments section below. It should be in this format:

5. Follow and follow back everyone that drop their URLs here.

6. Make a business or an entrepreneurship tweet with the hashtag, #NaijaSitUp and we will all retweet it. If 20 people participate in this, it means you have to retweet 20 times and others will retweet yours 20 times.

Example: "#NaijaSitUp if you truly want to eradicate poverty and unemployment using #entrepreneurship."

7. Use hashtags creatively... Focus on mainly business related keywords, #Entrepreneur #Startup #Selling #SalesTips #Marketing, etc.

8. Use photos, videos and quotes from notable people. Mention them where and when necessary. Example: @emenikeng

9. Invite your friends you think would like to be a part of this challenge. Seek their consent before you do so, so that they won't be asking, what's this group all about?

10. Also like and follow other people you feel connected to outside the participants here.
NOTE: Don't forget to use, #NaijaSitUp so that it will be easier to search out tweets from different participants.

Twitter now allows 280 characters, so you can write a longer tweet if you wish to