How to Start a Ranting Business in Nigeria

Each night I visit Instagram and come back, I feel like crying for all the creative people I know that are struggling to make more money but can't stop littering their timeline with irrelevant contents that won't put money in their pocket.

Someone might say what people do with their social media platform is none of my business, but honestly speaking, it's seriously paining me.

I grew up in the part of Nigeria that can fabricate ANYTHING. When I say anything, I mean E V E R Y damn T H I N G.

Just name it, and they will produce or reproduce it for you. But why is majority of these creatives not seeing a corresponding result in their finances?

They litter their supposed online office with contents that evokes hostility and chase clients away, instead of attracting them.

The smart ones will either create two accounts; one for ranting and the other for their business, or turn themselves to informants so as to monetize the ranting business. Doing the later gives them free publicity as thousands of people are guaranteed to share it even before reading it.

Working as a news blogger in those days in one of my blogs, I utilized the opportunity to make them share my articles freely. That's why I can still make any news site trend with little or no money on paid advertising. I didn't know what SEO was them, but I was still getting 10,000+ daily pageviews.

My brother, my sister, listen up!

If you are gifted with the, anointing to criticize the government, anointing to criticize Pastors, anointing, or anointing to ask for freedom, do this ONE THING.

Or you can reform your social media media platforms to be known for that.

There's so much you can do to make money online.