By Solomon Ukeni John
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How did the mighty fall?

How did Libya get to this stage?

Have you ever wondered why Libya was destroyed?

Do Libyans Regret?

These are questions I've been asking myself for days now as this barbaric act of slave trade hits the social media with pictures and videos of Africans been sold by fellow Africans.

The rise and fall of Libya has really shown me that democracy is a scam that has been used by the developed nation to destroy Africa.

Religion on the other hand isn't a scam but a fraudulent act that has not only destroyed we as Africans but has also rendered us heartless without conscience as I'm yet to see our Pastors condemn this act or rather send there private jets in bringing back Nigerian slaves from Libya or rather paying for an airlift for them.

When Libya was about to collapse... I knew it was the end of the country because the devil in form of Obama and his cohorts where at work .. Libya was the most developed African country but did great without democracy.

So should democracy be the best form of governance??

Show me a country with a well defined Democratic system and I'll show you a country that Religion has destroyed.

When you raise a child.. teach him/her about love and not religion.. Teach them that humans ought to be treated with respect and that human life is not worth buying with money.

Africans are selling Africans in this jet age simply because of a loosed government with Ghadaffi...
Slave trade, religion and democracy the twin evils of Africa