Tithe and Offering: What a Demigod Told Me

By: Michelle Aniso

When I was much younger, like most of us, we were taught to give offerings as a way of showing appreciation to God. We were also made to understand that the money was given to God and God was a spirit.

As a child, I often had an imagination of God stretching out his hands to receive the offerings at the close of every service when we were gone. Little did I know that they were demigods that ensured the offerings got to God in whatever way they deemed fit.

I grew up to understand what really happens and I learnt to forgive and forget my childhood memories of what actually happened to our offerings but I never stopped giving, I only stop imagining the impossible.

I stopped bothering about how it was/is spent. I give freely without even thinking, it has become a habit.

Growing up, we were made to understand the concept of tithe. It was not just about giving to appreciate God anymore, rather, it was more about specifically giving to increase the blessings that came from God.

Give 10% of whatever you have just as commanded.

Often times I wonder what God who can give us a 100% would want just 10% for. But who am I to question God, what if he decides I am getting nothing but that isn't the way of God.

So, why can't we just treat the tithe as the offering and forget about what it is actually used for?

Remember, when we grew up and realized what the offerings were actually used for, we accepted it, forgave it and stopped asking questions. Yet we still gave/give from our free hearts, still believing we give only to God.

But the tithe has now become a thing of controversy, we are too bothered about what it is used for rather than thinking of how much blessings come with freely giving.

Remember, like they say, tithes attract more blessings from God and whoever God has blessed no man can curse.

Focus on receiving your blessings and forget about the uses of the tithes. After all, just like the offerings, it is God you also give your tithes to.