How to Overcome the Facebook News Feed Update

Facebook is about to frustrate a lot of people, even with their own money.
But to scale through the hurdles, here are important things you need to do:
1. Get personal with people.
2. Genuinely help and support people with every single post until it goes viral.
3. Make it a point of duty to wish someone a happy birthday everyday, especially those you would want to buy into their audience - prospects. By doing that, Facebook captures them as your Family and Friends and for that, they will show your subsequent posts to them more often.

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4. Become influential. You earn it by being the go-to guy for one thing or another.
5. Engage. Don't be docile.
6. Fall in love with high definition images. Use them as though your social media success depends on it.
7. Go and learn Google AdWords because a lot of brands will turn to it very soon. Don't say I didn't tell you.
Are there other things you think one can do to get on more people's news feed?