How Most People Struggling to Start an Online in Nigeria Become a Cog in the Wheel of their Own Progress

Emenike Emmanuel, CEO, Ebusinessroom Ventures

In the course of you reading this article, you will discover for yourself how to permanently damage every limiting ideology that has been stopping you from fully launching your desired business online.

For the past 3 days, I have been scarcely on social media because we had this emergency contract to setup a membership site for one of Nigeria's fast-rising business coach. .

The amazing thing I admire most about this young man is that as at 2016, nobody knew about him. . 

Though he was doing exceedingly well in his offline business but no Dick nor Tom knew who he was online. .

 Like the story of Arambam Boby, the 5 times bodybuilding champion, he was killing it in his game but quite a number of people didn't know him. .

But to turn things around, he handpicked some coaches from different fields, which my humble self was fortunate to be a part of and in 1 year, he made enough money to own a property in a decent location here in Lagos. .

That was phenomenal! Right? .

I suspect he's got the Jeff Bezos' spirit of growth hacking in him. Kudos man! .

I didn't share this so that you'll stake me out. . No! .

I've got some pretty work of mine to do and loads of my clients work as well, including some group and personal coaching classes here and there...

But. I want to show you why people struggle to grow a profitable and sustainable business online irrespective of the number of bottles of anointing oil they drink. .

While coming back today, I made a brief stop on one of my most respected friend's ad on Facebook and what I saw was what triggered my decision to write this post. .

In her Ad, she was promoting an eBook, that discussed what she did to move from being broke to making 8-figures every month from Mini Importation Business, but instead of this lad to keep quite and learn for just a paltry fee, here was what he said: .

"Since u have this secret u should have been doing it than share it. Does Dangotes share his secret?" . 

At first, I wanted to remind him that Dangote also shares his secret... BUT he doesn't share it with poor people. .

... strictly for one reason which I had to figure out myself. And that's because, .

"People with poor mindset won't believe it. It will sound too simple to be true. Or they believe everything is all about Government's support." .

But what majority don't know is that even getting the government to say, YES to your proposal is a strategy on its own. Most times, they hire experts to man executions like that. Everything isn't gotten via CORRUPTION. .

My friend I told you above didn't close its eyes, make a wish and become successful in his business through blind faith. He didn't think like that young man above who believed that successful people will become poor if they share what they know. Instead, he sought for a need, met the need and people paid him for that. .

Majority of the ways our company generate money today started by me doing them first for myself, for clients and then teaching others how to do them. .

By tomorrow, the long awaited video course on Mini Importation Business developed by a friend of mine will go live. It will be coming with mouthwatering bonuses. To get more details, click here:

Do you why it's so? It is because smart people look at profitability not dominating a market at their own detriment. But in the course of consistently increasing their profit margin, they might takeover the market.